About Us

Soundix Studio creates various styles of original music for placement in TV, film, video games, and more. We control the sound recordings, composition and lyrics (when offered) to all original work here.

We are also available to create exclusive and non-exclusive custom music in nearly any style.

If you have any questions about what we do or licensing, please get in touch with us!

What We Do

So... you want all of the little details about what we do? OK then, he ya go!


We love coming up with new tunes, and the funny thing is, it often happens at random.


We use Logic Pro X along with a handful of great plugins to create all of our music.


We master all of our own music in-house using the latest version of Izotope's Ozone, the industry's leading tool. We don't rest until we get the final version exactly the way we want.


Obviously, we license our music. Whether you are a gaming studio, independent film producer, or a photographer, our music can put a nice touch to your work.